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April 22-24, 2016 ~ Penticton, BC

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BC BellyFest 2016 ~ Overview
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Friday April 22   7:30-10:30pm "Meet the Teachers" Buffet Party – VIP PASS EVENT

Saturday April 23 Sunday April 24



 Conference Workshops

 Shopping Marketplace



  Conference Workshops

  Shopping Marketplace

  7:30pm~9:30pm     PUBLIC DANCE SHOW: "Bellyfest Performance Showcase"

Saturday April 23rd, 2016 ~ Doors 7pm

PUBLIC SHOW: Shatford Centre, Penticton, BC – Tickets $25 available at Get Bent

2016 Performers & Instructors

Bindu Bolar ~ India Wendy Goudie ~ Penticton Christy Greene ~ Calgary
Bindu Bolar ~ Tribalina ~ India
Wendy Goudie ~ Get Bent Belly Dancing
Christy Greene ~ Calgary
Luciterra ~ Vancouver Nicci Marsh ~ Abbotsford Alice Bracegirdle ~ Victoria
Luciterra Dance Company ~ Fusion Belly Dance
Nicci Marsh ~ Tha Realm Dance Studio
Alice Bracegirdle ~ Victoria
Candace Aldridge Sanchez ~ Victoria Tonje Olson ~ Vancouver Nicole Chickloski ~ Penticton
Tonje Olson ~ Belly Belly Hip
Nicole Chickloski ~ Get Bent ~ Penticton

Feedback from 2015

"BC Bellyfest was fabulous!  The quality of instruction was top notch and the workshops were extremely relevant.  I was blown away by the performances at the BellyFest Showcase." ~ Michele Cipressi

"Wow! Still buzzing with the palpable love felt at ‪‎BCBellyFest‬! What an incredible community of warm, passionate individuals, generously sharing their art." ~ Rahel

BellyFest Marketplace

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – April 23 & 24 – Cannery Trade Centre

Costumes, jewelry, music & more!


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BC BellyFest 2016 ~ April 22-24, Penticton BC Canada

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Alice Bracegirdle - Bellyfit® - Victoria, BC

Founder, Bellyfit International

Alice Bracegirdle is pioneering a global movement that's empowering women through Holistic Fitness and Radical Body Love. As the CEO of Bellyfit Enterprises Inc., she is a fearless leader to hundreds of certified Bellyfit® Instructors around the globe, a sought after Fitness Rockstar and the creator of over a dozen home workout videos that are moving thousands of women around the world every day. Learn more about Alice and Bellyfit® atwww.bellyfit.com


Yasmina Ramzy

Choreographer & Master Teacher ~ Arabesque Dance Company & Ochestra

Yasmina Ramzy is a visionary and a highly acclaimed choreographer committed to the presentation of Bellydance as high art. Since 1981, she has performed over 10,000 times often for royalty and heads of state and throughout the Middle East. Yasmina has had the unique priviledge of performing for several years in Syria with the famous master musicians of Allepo. As well as creating the renowned standardized Arabesque Academy curriculum, she teaches in over 60 cities on five continents. She founded Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra, Arabesque Academy and the International Bellydance Conference of Canada (IBCC).

Yasmina received her key training from leading masters in Egypt and Syria including Aida Nour of the Reda Troupe and Mohammed Khalil, director of the National Folklore Troupe of Egypt. Her unique and highly creative choreographies have won numerous awards and commissioned by many dance ensembles internationally including the Bellydance Superstars.

Yasmina has produced nine performance and seven instructional DVDs as well as seven CDs. She writes the "Ask Yasmina" column in the world's largest Bellydance magazine which is translated into several languages. As a mentor to many, she is well known for revealing the authentic, organic structure of Mid East dance and its relationship to Arabian music.



Candace Aldridge Sanchez ~ Harmony BellyDance Company & Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing, Victoria, BC

Candace Aldridge Sanchez is the Owner of Harmony BellyDance Company & Harmony Studios & Alternative Healing in Victoria, BC. She offers classes Level 1 through Level 3,  authentic American Tribal Style with a creative twist, Bellyfit and directs her two troupes; TangleWood and Ruby Ruffles. Celebrating her Fourteenth year of Belly Dancing, and eleventh year of instructing, Candace focuses on building and teaching a solid dance form and foundation from the Roots up and integrates all styles into her dance. She has become internationally known, performing and teaching in the USA, Mexico and through out BC. Gracing stages through out and sharing them with the most illustrious of belly dancers in the business. Traveling the World over to train, Candace believes that there is no end to her learning as a student herself or as a teacher. 'Technique is Freedom' and 'Failing Faster' will lead the path to her dreams. Visit: http://www.harmonybellydance.com



Halawa runs the uber-successful Zahirah Middle Eastern Belly Dance School in Prince George. She has taken Teacher Training Level I with international master dancer Hadia and has trained with a variety of excellent teachers including Nath Keo, Saboura, Xanthoula, Yasmina Ramzy, Bozenka, and Ava Fleming.

Halawa was given the opportunity to perform in the 2009 production of Ashra featuring world reknown Bozenka. This amazing production was to celebrate Nath Keo's 10th anniversary in Middle Eastern Bellydance. Dancing in the McPherson Theatre in Victoria, B.C. was a dream come true for Halawa as it put her talent and this beautiful art form on the same stage as the National Ballet. Halawa was recently asked to return for the 2010 performace in Victoria in October to accompany the amazing Ava Fleming in Nath Keo's An Evening at the Oasis. The show was a huge success for all of the dancers involved.

In October 2011, Halawa was presented with the amazing opportunity to perform with not one but two world renown artists Pavlo-God of the Greek Guitar, and Jesse Cook. Halawa joined Pavlo and his band on stage at the Prince George Playhouse for a dynamic perfromance on Oct. 25th. In the same week, Jesse Cook took to the stage at Vanier Hall in Prince George and Halawa was joined with her fellow troupe members for an encore presentation of Jesse Cook's Baghdad on Oct.28th. Both artists were a pure joy to work with and the memories will last a lifetime.

In May 2012, Halawa was asked to perform on the Main Stage along with many other elite artists at the International Bellydance Conference of Canada - created by Yasmina Ramzy. Halawa's submission was chosen from over 120 applicants by a jury of esteemed Middle Eastern dance experts.

Halawa has been touring British Columbia teaching workshops and performing for many different festivals throughout the year. Arts Wells, BC Bellyfest, Robson Valley Music Festival, Awakening Music Festival, Salmon Valley Women's Festival and many more have all been wonderful hosts for Halawa and the Zahirah Middle Eastern Bellydancers to share their passion for this art form. Halawa, along with her troupe was also given the rare opportunity to perform at the halftime show at the recent Harlem Globetrotters event in Prince George B.C. proving that Bellydance really can be performed and enjoyed anywhere! Visit: http://www.zahirahbellydance.net/


Kristine Jennes - Beautiful Unusual - Calgary, AB, Canada

Kristine is focused on clean technique and a high energy, engaging style. She is best described in the belly dance world as a Tribal Fusion dancer. She loves the eclectic approach and costumes, innovative styling, and wide open range of emotional expression. She began performing and teaching in 2006, and developed a reputation of excellence in both these areas in Newfoundland. Now based in Calgary, AB, she seeks to continue her training and presentation of the dance.

Kristine studied for several years with Andrea Kitta, who instilled in her a lifelong love of dance, and important abilities in self assessment and technical breakdown. In addition to an intensive solo practice, Kristine continues to augment her skills with top tribal and traditional belly dance teachers by attending workshops locally, nationally, and internationally. She has completed Level II in Rachel Brice’s 8 Elements program and Level II certified in The Dark Side Dance Program. She is actively perusing the next stage in both programs. Additionally, she is a certified teacher in American Tribal Style® belly dance.

Under the mentorship of Andrea Kitta, Kristine began teaching workshops and classes in 2006. She has developed and delivered beginner through advanced courses and topical workshops in St. John’s with The Neighbourhood Strays, The Healing Circle, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and Wild Lily Dance Centre, as well as mentoring private students in St. John’s and Calgary. Topics have included technique, stagecraft, improvisation, props, costuming, and choreography. She especially enjoys leading fun workshops at parties and events.

For more information, please visit www.beautifulunusual.com


Luciterra Dance Co - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Luciterra Dance Company is an all female owned and operated new forms dance group, founded in 2009. Luciterra performs a unique fusion style of dance that blends elements of many dance forms including bellydance, jazz, contemporary, and pop lock, with tightly choreographed, precise, and complex muscular isolation layered over sweeping and dynamic musicality. This fusion creates an exciting and elusive style that resists categorization. 

As instructors, the women of Luciterra focus on strong technique as well as the histories and implications of the art form, encouraging discussion and thoughtful engagement in the topics of conscientious fusion and performance. Luciterra currently produces student showcases and full-length productions in Vancouver, Canada, in addition to touring around the West Coast of North America and beyond! Visit: http://www.luciterradance.com


Nicci Marsh

Nicci's love of  Bellydance was unexpected and took hold fast and furious; leading her to make her passion for Bellydance her life. Nicci is a professional Bellydance Artist, Studio Owner and Instructor in of Tha Realm Dance Studio, Abbotsford's Home for Bellydance.  With a her training focus on Raks Sharqi & Fusion Bellydance,  Nicci has created her own signature style of Urban Raks Bellydance.  A unique blend of Raks Sharqi and Lyrical, set in a serpentine movement, bringing tradition and modern together.   Nicci's attention to detail, love for complex music and a good story combined with her passion for the Art of Bellydance is shared in not only her classes, but her performances.   Put your Heart into Your Art, for without Heart there is no Art. 



Tamara Dewar

Tamara is a Raks Sharqi performer, instructor and award winning choreographer based out of Vancouver, BC. She is a former competitive figure skater who fell in love with Oriental dance in 1998 when she first encountered the art. From her time in figure skating when she studied ballroom dance to greater enhance her on ice routines, she has actively and constantly striven to educate herself and pass that wisdom on to others. She regularly runs classes and is renowned for her ability to break down the most complex movement into it's simplest elements in order to more effectively teach her craft. A much sought after instructor of beginners to advanced professionals, her students regularly achieve winning marks in competitive settings.

Tamara's style of bellydance is rooted in the Oriental tradition but her energy and charisma bring a stylization of modernism to the dance that really comes alive on stage. The way she fuses the music to the dance is expressed through her fluidity of movement in a way that will delight even the most sophisticated of audiences. It has been said that to watch her dance is "like being in Egypt". A joy to watch wherever she performs, Tamara is a dancer not to be missed.

Tamara's Youtube Channel


Tonje Olson - Belly Belly Hip - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tonje Olson has been the leader in BC’s Tribal Improv Bellydance community for over a decade. She has directed her troupe, Belly Belly Hip since 2001 and taught workshops and ongoing classes in and around BC and the Pacific Northwest since 2002. Tonje is a certified ATS Sister Studio, is the provincial sponsor for Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman, creator of ATS, and continues to study with Carolena and her troupe, FatChanceBellyDance whenever she can. More information about Tonje and Belly Belly Hip can be found on the troupe website:www.bellybellyhip.ca

Shelley ~ co-teacher

After years of classes, Shelley completed her ATS General Skills and Teacher Training Certifications in 2013 and has been an ATS Sister Studio since shortly thereafter. Shelley has been dancing with Belly Belly Hip since 2013, and has taught classes in Greater Vancouver. Shelley says: "Tribal dance is transformative, energizing, and inclusive. The movements and music got my attention, the costuming and makeup drew me deeper, and the people I have met keep me coming back for more. Nothing compares to dancing in the moment with my friends."


Karen Chamberlin

Karen has a passion for teaching, travel and Entrepreneurship. She traveled to the slums of Kenya in July 2014 as a volunteer to teach Social Entrepreneurship and Marketing to dozens of youth. She is excited to be a facilitator at BC Bellyfest and looks forward to working with this group of artistic Entrepreneurs and performers. Karen Chamberlain is a highly regarded business professional with over 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the tourism industry and over 5 years as a business analyst. She has facilitated numerous workshops and mentored business owners in the development and implementation of their business plans and sales/marketing strategies.



Rahel fell in love with bellydance at the tender age of 16. As a self proclaimed "tomboy" who felt, like most teens, self conscious and uncomfortable in her own body, Rahel found that over time bellydance connected her with her femininity, power, sensuality and self confidence in a way she had never known before. She was hooked.

Now, over a decade later, she is a full time dancer, dance teacher, yoga teacher, award winning choreographer, and currently holds the title of 1st Place as well as Audience Choice winner for the Safar Conference of Middle Eastern Dance and Music. Rahel can be seen performing at private functions, festivals, gala showcases, film and television projects and high profile music events all around BC and across the border, as well as teaching classes 6 days a week!

Known for her unique, eclectic style, Rahel takes influence and inspiration from many dancers and dance styles from around the world, yet still honours and grounds herself in the roots and traditional of this dance.

Rahel takes the greatest joy in inspiring and empowering women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds with this beautiful art form, and her enthusiasm and passion are palpable and contagious among her students. Rahel's classes have been described as "the perfect blend of challenging and fun", able to bring out creativity and expression in her students, while at the same time breaking down even the most advanced technique with clarity and understanding.



Wendy Goudie - Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing - Penticton, BC, Canada

Founder: BC BellyFest and Get Bent Bellydancing | Co-founder: Belly Dance Standards Association

Wendy Goudie is dedicated to "elevating belly dance as a respected and respectful art form" as the founder of BC BellyFest and Get Bent Bellydancing. Get Bent is the largest belly dance school in Western Canada and has extensive training programs for children, teens and adults. BC BellyFest is also the largest belly dance conference in Western Canada. In 2014, Wendy co-founded the "Belly Dance Standards Association" to provide professional accreditation and standards for belly dancers in North America.

In 2012, Wendy was awarded the "Contribution to Dance Award" by the Okanagan Arts Council for her achievements in dance. Get Bent has been twice-nominated "Business of the Year" and won the "Service Excellence Award". Each year, the Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancers perform hundreds of shows throughout Western Canada. Visit: http://www.GetBentDance.com

Along with teaching Egyptian and Tribal Fusion belly dancing, Wendy created "Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing". This upbeat fusion style is Get Bent's trademark and has gained wide popularity. Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing combines belly dancing techniques with East Indian music, costumes and dance techniques. Wendy also produced an instructional DVD called "Belly Dance for Beginners" available on Amazon.com.

Wendy and her husband John developed a non-profit organization the "Get Bent Active Arts Society (GBAAS)" to promote youth leadership and performing arts throughout British Columbia. Visit: http://www.gbaas.org/


Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee has been a practitioner of SOMA Neuromuscular Integration bodywork for 20+ years. She assists people in developing core support for ALL movement. She is also a practitioner of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Employing lab tests, she helps people discover the real imbalances underlying their health conditions. She educates people how they can return to normal function and rebuild optimal health, through lifestyle modification and the use of natural supplements.  Visit: http://www.miracleinspirations.com


Floreo Tribal Bellydance - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Floreo is one of Vancouver's most loved Improvised Tribal Style Bellydance trios. Sometimes serious, sometimes silly, but always entertaining, they have been performing together since 2007.

Floreo is an I.T.S. (Improvised Tribal Style) Bellydance trio from Vancouver B.C. co-founded and co-directed by Audrey Schumacher, Helen Tennant and Allison Thompson in 2007. Floreo's roots are based in the ATS (R) vocabulary of Fat Chance Bellydance but have respectfully adapted the format into something all their own, (often with swords!). Sometimes serious, sometimes lighthearted, but always entertaining, Floreo's dance style involves trust: the leader trusts the cues will make sense to the group, and the group trusts that the leader will cue clearly. Most of the time it works!

Allison, Audrey and Helen each have over ten years of belly dance experience studying on both a local and international level with many well respected and sought out belly dance instructors. In addition to performing, in 2012 Floreo started a series of very popular Sword Workshops and have been teaching around the Lower Mainland. One of Vancouver's most loved Improv Tribal Groups, Floreo have performed at Bellydance Galas, on community stages, car free days, the PNE, pubs and private parties.


Amy Leung - Arabesque Canada - Toronto, ON, Canada

Amy Leung is a Toronto based dance artist. As a lead dancer in Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra, her highlight performances are with Cirque du Soleil in the Pan Am Opening Ceremony, on the Gala Stage of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada and in Arabesque productions of NOOR, JAMRA, and SAWAH at Fleck Dance Theatre. Amy's professional training is with Yasmina Ramzy having started with Judy Reynolds and Roula Said. In addition to her regular training, she has taken workshops with international artists including Dina, Fifi Abdou, Mahmoud Reda, Sahra Saeeda, Raqia Hassan and Luna of Cairo. Amy is a senior instructor at Arabesque Academy, rehearsal coach for the Arabesque Student Troupe and a sought out solo artist in the Toronto area known for her Arab nuance and emotional range.

Website: arabesquecanada.com


Christy Greene - Eighth Wonder - Calgary, AB

Christy has been dancing for nearly 20 years. She combines her background in theatre and film with her love of dance and arabic music, into a joyful life of creative work. Christy's dedication to her life as a dancer led her to study with the Salimpour School in Albany, California and she has achieved her Level 3 certification in both the Suhaila and Jamila Salimpour Formats. She is the founder of Eighth Wonder Productions, based in Calgary and is honoured to share her experience and knowledge with many wonderful women at her studio, and on the road.  For more info visit: http://www.eighthwonder.ca/

Website: http://www.eighthwonder.ca/

Milieu from Eighth Wonder on Vimeo.


Bindu Bolar

BINDU BOLAR - Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Artist

Bindu Bolar is an International Tribal Fusion Performing Artist/Teacher from India. Fondly known as 'Tribalina', she is considered the one of the leading ladies of Tribal Fusion Belly Dance in the country. She is the first Tribal Fusion Dancer of an Indian origin. Bindu, is a Rachel Brice: 8 elements Initiate. She is also trained in American Tribal Style at FatChanceBellyDance under the guidance of Caroleena Nerricio and many other ATS teachers. She has also learned with Anna Olkinuora, Zoe Jakes, Moria Chappell, Suhaila Salimpour International school, Kami Liddle, Jill Parker, Sharon Kihara, April Rose, Andrea Sendek, Ebony Qualls, Tamar Bar-Gil, Elizabeth Strong, Sandi Ball, Colleena Shakti, Mardi Love, Marjhani Beltamore, Mira Betz, Silivah Salmanca, Sera Solistice, Kae Montgomery, Jesse StanBridge, Janet Taylor and many more teachers.

She is the winner of the first Belly Dance competition in India and has the title of "The most Hypnotic Belly Dancer". She is also the winner of "Belly Dancer of the Year 2015" (Tribal Soloist category), Orinda, California. Bindu has represented India in 3 International festivals in the year 2015 (Cues and Tattoos(Seattle), Elevation Belly Dance Festival(Colorado), Tribal Fest (California). She has been touring across the country taking Tribal Fusion Belly Dance workshops in places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Goa, Indore, Salem, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Jaipur etc spreading the love for this beautiful art form. She will also soon be teaching at Elevation Belly Dance festival in Golden (Colorado), Bwitchs International Fusion Belly Dance Festival (India), Tribal Umrah 2016 (Italy) and many more places. She will also be taking workshops in Tribalina Format- Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing and Bellywood across the Bay area in multiple places in California (San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose to name a few). She will also be teaching and judging at Belly Dancer of the Year 2016 at Orinda, California.

Bindu who has been dancing from the age of 3, is passionate both about teaching and learning dance and considers herself a life long student of dance. She has more than 12 years of experience in field of dancing and has been Belly dancing from more than 8 years. When not travelling for teaching, performing, judging Bindu, likes to spend time with her students in her studio "LIGHTS CAMERA DANCE" which has been training students in various genres of dance since 2007. She has judged various Dance events and has choreographed for dance events/corporate events/ reality shows/ competitions and weddings. She was also Top 30 contestant in Dance plus, an Indian reality show on Star plus (D unit).

She is also trained in other styles of dance like Hip Hop, Popping, B-Boying, Kathak, Salsa, Merengue, Jive, Bachata and Contemporary. Having trained in these dance forms has resulted in a very unique fusion in her style of Tribal Fusion Belly Dancing. Her movements are characterized by intense and precise muscular isolation's, and very sharp dime breaks and pops which contribute to her very mesmerizing and animated style. Elegant yet strong her technique draws inspiration from Indian dances, nature and wildlife.


Nicole Chickloski - Get Bent Bollywood Bellydancing, Penticton, BC

Nicole Chickloski's bio to come :)